Canada and British Columbia

Canada has a reputation for being one of the best countries in the world — known for its welcoming and inclusive people. Canada is multicultural, modern, and boasts an environmentally diverse landscape — from lush temperate rainforests and expansive plains to arctic tundra and rocky mountainscapes.

British Columbia is Canada’s third largest and westernmost province with a total population of 4.3 million and the working-age population is the most highly educated of all provinces in Canada.

Our naturally beautiful province is rich with many lakes, rivers and forests, bordered by the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific ocean. The capital city of our province is Victoria; located on Vancouver Island.

British Columbia has a wide variety of urban and cultural attractions, ranging from the performing and visual arts, to professional sports, amusement parks and shopping. National, provincial, regional and local parks provide natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, and outdoor enjoyment and recreation. There are 828 protected areas in British Columbia, homes for more species in total and more unique species of birds and mammals than in any other Canadian province.

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