Career Training

Our international Career Training programs provide English classes, important job skills and real-world placements in fast-growing industries.

We are currently offering the following career training programs:

Aviation and Pilot Training

School District 42 offers an Aviation instruction program for international high school and post-secondary students to complement their English studies in Canada. Students can attend regular academic studies in School District 42 during the day and take Aviation and Pilot training after school.  All training and certification follows Canadian Aviation regulations and is offered in partnership with the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport.

Learn about Isabelle’s experience in this program:

YouTube Preview Image

Type of aircraft and flying available

  • Seaplane
  • Multi-engine
  • Single engine
  • Helicopter
  • Mountain flying
  • Simulator training

Program Length

Basic Program Length:

  • 30 HOURS: Aviation English (ICAO proficiency preparation program)
  • 60 HOURS: Business English & Communications
  • 120 HOURS: Business Systems & Procedures
  • 60 HOURS: Ground School

Private Aviation License: minimum of 45 flying hours
Commercial Aviation License: minimum of 200 flying hours

Licenses and Ratings Available

  • Private aviation license
  • Commercial aviation license*
  • Airline Transport Pilot license
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument certification
  • Instructor rating

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