The following are the general steps to renew/extend a Study Permit:

  1. The international education office will give you a receipt form (IMM5401).
  2. Take this form to the bank and pay the $125 fee.  The bank teller will stamp this form.
  3. Bring the receipt form and your passport to the international education office.
  4. Someone in the international education office will assist you in completing your study permit renewal application.
  5. The international education office will send the package to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in Vegreville, Alberta, for processing.
  6. The international education office receives students’ new study permits from CIC and sends them to the school to give to the student once full payment of tuition fees has been received.


Renew/extend your study permit online here.

Please note:  the validity of a student’s study permit cannot exceed the validity of their passport.  Students, therefore, need to check the expiry date of their passport to ensure their passport will be valid for at least the same amount of time as their requested extension.  If the study permit expires during the course of the school year, please notify the international education office at least one month prior to the expiry date.

Travel to the USA

If students intend to travel to the United States, they may need a visa depending on which country they are from.  Please check here to see which countries do not require a visa.

Also, if students are travelling outside of Canada, they will need to have their parents complete a travel release form


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