Graduation in British Columbia

To graduate from a high school from a British Columbia high school, students must complete 80 credits at the grade 10 to 12 levels.  Most of these credits come from the following subjects: language arts, science, math, physical education, planning, fine arts or applied skills and graduation transitions.  To make up the remaining credits student must take elective courses based on their personal interests and goals for their post secondary education.

If an international student begins their studies in the British Columbia school system in or before grade 10, they will progress through the graduation program with the same requirements as domestic Canadian students.  International students that enter in Grade 11 or 12 will be required to provide proof of English proficiency and complete requirements of the graduation program.  Credit eligibility is determined through the application process.

Please refer to the table below for British Columbia graduation requirements:

Required CoursesCredits
An English 10*4
An English 11*4
An English 12*4
A Math 104
A Math 11 or 12*4
A Social Studies 104
A Social Studies 11 or 12*4
A Science 10 4
A Science 11 or 12*4
Physical Education 104
Career Life Education*4
Career Life Connections*4
Fine Arts of Applied Skills 10, 11, or 124
Grade 12 Course4
Grade 12 Course4
Grade 12 Course4
Elective Credits (4 more classes)16
Total Minimum Credits80

*Must be completed within British Columbia